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Hi there!

Thank you for watching my webinar. I hope it gave you some new insights as to HOW YOU can close the gender wage gap within your organization. 

Does your organization need my team to help empower your working women? Or even if you have any other questions, or you need help with your organization's gap- lets set up some time to talk: [email protected].

Some services my team and I can provide:

  • Women in Leadership Consulting
  • Wage Gap Consulting (with tiered levels of involvement)
  • Empower your female workforce
  • Train your staff on some of the strategies we discussed today
  • Key note speaking 
  • Strategic Negotiation Advising 

Interested in joining me for one of my exclusive Closing the Gap without Breaking your Budget Mastermind Workshops? Let me know you are interested ([email protected]) and we can set a discovery call to see if for our upcoming October/November session is the right match for you. These workshops are teams of handpicked individuals (no more than 10 at a time) representing organizations from a broad variety of industries. With unprecedented access to some of the top resources in the industry, we meet virtually twice a week for a month and collaborate on resolving your pressing gender and gender wage gap issues. 

Here are a few sources of information for you might enjoy exploring in the meantime:

  • To learn more about compensation terms such as Compa-Ratio, Market Index and Range Penetration, you might want to visit this site. More here.
  • Want to learn more about the impostor's dilema? Check this out.
  • To learn more about our changing workforce, check this out.
  • To learn more about the "New" American Dream watch this.

Let's keep the conversation going. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Email me at [email protected]

or click here to Schedule a Consultation.