Olivia and her team have put together a set of online trainings that are a result of years of working with women all over the world and helping them achieve their career goals. Become part of that club. Choose the course that will make your career legendary.

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The Negotiation Project

Our Most Popular Package. 

Take this course if you need someone to guide you in every step of the way, from branding yourself in order to attract the right people, to negotiating your salary to asking for a raise. This is Olivia’s masterpiece. This is why she consistently ranks as one of the top resume and salary negotiation experts in the country.

We share with you all the secrets you need to know about body language, assertiveness, accurate vocabulary and the mistakes you need to avoid doing to make sure you get the career you deserve.

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Get That Interview!

In this very practical course, we demystify what you know about resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

We show you how to tailor and master the tools to make recruiters want to meet you, and hire you! 


Nail That Interview!

Congratulations! You have the opportunity to get the job of your dreams. 

MASTER THE ART OF PERSUASION so you can show up in your interview with the confidence of knowing you deserve to get hired for that job. 


Get That Starting Salary

This is a crucial time, this is the moment that defines your working conditions and salary for the next two years (if you are lucky). The best advice we can give you is: prepare yourself for that moment. Don't leave anything to chance and leave the negotiation table feeling like a winner.

Negotiate That Raise

In this course we focus on NEGOTIATION.

If you are not sure how to ask for that raise, or if you asked before only to be turned down, it’s time you let us share with you the exact steps we've used with thousands of women all over the world to negotiate millions of dollars worth in raises. 

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