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Our work together is  designed to get you maximum impact within a quick timeframe. Let me show and why women all over the world come to Salary Coaching for career and negotiation advice. 




$47 - Basic Salary Negotiation Workshop

The fundamental basics you will need to negotiate like a pro - a $247 value. 


In this Workshop I will walk you through:

- The most common mistakes women make when negotiating their salaries (and how to avoid them)

- How to figure out your EXACT market value today.

- How to craft your perfect negotiation strategy.

- How to create the ultimate timeline.  



Our Most Popular Package - a $1,597 value.


Take this course if you never want to undersell yourself again. This is my masterpiece. This is why I consistently rank as one of the top resume and salary negotiation experts in the country. 

4 Modules: 

#1 Mentally Getting It: Unleashing Your Inner-Negotiator

#2 Numbers, Money and the Stories They Tell

 #3 Written Evidence

#4 More Than Words Can Say

Because we are vested in your success- we've added a even more perks for this course:

+ Bonus Module: The 4 Biggest Mistakes Women Make (& how to avoid them) - a $495 value

+ Guide To Hacking Your Resume - a $100 value

+ Guide To Hacking Your Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile - a $125 value!

AND a 30 minute strategy session with one of our coaches to answer all your questions - a $224 value! 


$997 - The VIP Package

We climb that proverbial ladder WITH YOU - a $5,000 value. 


- Our team of experts to assess your market value by using live market data.

- We re-engineer your public persona: resume, cover letter and/or linked in if necessary.

- We help you build your personal brand.

We review your job and position description in questions, uncovering where you are underselling yourself.

We strengthen your negotiation weaknesses, coaching you on how to pivot them towards your strengths. 

We craft your unique negotiation strategy with you.