Need to negotiate a raise? Want a career change? Need a job? Or maybe you need to nail that interview?


No matter where you are in your career, we are always looking to grow. Whether we voice them or not, we all have career ambitions… we just don’t always have a roadmap to help us achieve our goals. This is where we want to help you; we want to share with you the tools to make your own roadmap.

The key is to know what stage you’re in so that you don’t take unnecessary actions that will lead you into a career tailspin. What’s the point of being great at your job, of working extra hours and being the boss’s favorite if you still have a job title that doesn’t reflect your duties from 10 years ago? Same goes for negotiating raises. What’s the point of leaning in and asking for a raise if you don’t know what you’re asking for?

No matter where you are in your career, we are here to help you. We lead the market when it comes to negotiations, resume trends and career overhauls. We know your time is valuable, and we don’t take the honor of helping you lightly. This is why we promise to be here for you throughout your entire career and salary discovery/re-discovery process.


When you are starting or reinventing your career, you need to keep a pulse on your market value and potential opportunities.

But beyond that, your “career materials” need to be perfectly persuasive, your personal brand must sell you, and you must understand your playing field inside out. 

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Imagine feeling satisfied with your career and salary. Just think about how it'd feel to be working in the field you were born to thrive in... Earning at the top of your market.

Let's make it happen! You don’t have to settle anymore, you just have to be ready to make the next big move in your career and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Discover why people all over the world come to us for Salary Coaching and career overhauling.

Here’s where you work hand in hand with me. I will personally help you have a legendary career, if that is your goal. Whether it is finding (and getting) the job of your dreams, getting that elusive promotion, or negotiating the pay raise that you KNOW you deserve. We work together to make it happen.

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