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Need to negotiate a raise? Want a career change? Need a job? Or maybe you need to nail that interview?

No matter where you are in your career, we are always looking to grow. Whether we voice them or not, we all have career ambitions… we just don’t always have a roadmap to help us achieve our goals. This is where we want to help you; we want to share with you the tools to make your own roadmap.

The key is to know what stage you’re in so that you don’t take unnecessary actions that will lead you into a career tailspin. What’s the point of being great at your job, of working extra hours and being the boss’s favorite if you still have a job title that doesn’t reflect your duties from 10 years ago? Same goes for negotiating raises. What’s the point of leaning in and asking for a raise if you don’t know what you’re asking for


No matter where you are in your career, we are here to help you. We lead the market when it comes to negotiations, resume trends and career overhauls. We know your time is valuable, and we don’t take the honor of helping you lightly. This is why we promise to be here for you throughout your entire career and salary discovery/re-discovery process.


ONLINE COURSES - All our courses are being remapped for 2019, do you want to be on our VIP list and know when they are actually launched, so you can get exclusive access?

COACHING - Olivia or one of our expert coaches walk with you hand in hand to lead you into the fulfilling career you want and deserve. All you need to do is schedule your time with them and start working towards a more fulfilling career.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS AND ON-SITE WORKSHOPS - As a world acclaimed salary negotiation and resume expert, and international speaker, Olivia works with private and public companies, participates in business summits, and organizes private groups to help women take the next step in their careers.

SHOP - Over the years of working with thousands of women around the globe, Olivia and her team have developed the perfect tools you can use to help you will bring your career to the next level.


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