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Imagine feeling satisfied with your career and salary. Just think about how it'd feel to be in the right place, working in the field you were born to thrive in... Earning at the top of your market. 

Let's make it happen. 

See why women all over the world come to Salary Coaching for salary and career help. 

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The Negotiation Project.

Our Most Popular Package. 

Take this course if you never want to undersell yourself again. This is Olivia’s masterpiece. This is why she consistently ranks as one of the top resume and salary negotiation experts in the country.

You will learn the steps you need to take to go into a negotiation with the certainty that you deserve what you are asking for. We will share with you all the secrets you need to know about body language, assertiveness, accurate vocabulary and the mistakes you need to avoid doing to leave the negotiation table feeling like a winner.

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Advanced Resume & LinkedIn Overhaul Course

In this very practical course, we demystify what you know about resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

We show you how to tailor and master the tools to make recruiters want to meet you, and hire you!