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You deserve a fulfilling, and financially rewarding career.
You owe it to yourself to achieve your dream career.
You deserve the salary and lifestyle of your dreams. 
But you can't get there without a vision and a roadmap.
You can't get there alone. 
And this is why we are here...
We are your tribe of women determined to not settle for anything less than EVERYTHING they deserve. 
We are your support crew, armed with the best career tools and experts on the market.
We are the team on your corner, focused on YOUR relentless personal growth and making a difference in the world. 
It's time you come join us.
Who Is The Salary Coaching Inner Circle For?
 Seasoned Career Women
 Career Re-Entering The Workforce Or Looking To Pivot. 
 Women Looking To Make A Career Comeback.
Women Needing A Raise
 Under/Unemployed Women Looking To Jump Start Their Career
 Women Looking To Become Entrepreneurs. 
In short, if you are a woman looking to love what you do, while earning a lot while doing it... We are here for YOU!
What Do I Get When I Join The Salary Coaching Inner Circle?
Get ALL OF THIS for only $14.99/month!
ALL Our Courses
You get unlimited access to over $10,000 in courses! As an Inner Circle Member, you're able to access ALL of Olivia's courses. Including The Dream Career Roadmap, The Negotiation Project, Mastering Non-Verbal Communication, as well as The Perfect Resume.
Private Facebook Group
You'll get access to our exclusive private group for all your career questions and concerns. This is the perfect place to talk about your progress and celebrate your wins! 
You'll make life-long friends as they walk the career journey alongside you. 
Live Coaching Sessions
You'll have access to members-only Coaching Sessions multiple times per week where you have access to Olivia and her team of coaches to answer any strategic or technical questions you may have. 
Enjoy the security that comes from knowing you have the world's Top Salary Coach and Resume Expert in your corner for advice, support and the latest career trends. 
ALL Our Scripts
Need incredibly persuasive resume and cover letter scripts? We've got you covered.
Want to land your dream job, but not sure how to network and what to say? We have you covered. 
Optimize Your LinkedIn 
Unleash the floodgates for career opportunities to find YOU... without having to pay LinkedIn a dime!
50% OFF All Coaching
Need a little extra help? Want a tailored report on your current market value, or need help with your resume/dream job strategy? As an Inner Circle Member, you get a 50% discount for any added services!
This isn't traditional career coaching... these are real strategies that produce real results. 
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