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The 'Ultimate Dream Career Course' Bundle
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Because settling for mediocre is NO LONGER OK. It's time you step into the 
GREATNESS you were meant to live.

COURSE 1 - Dream Career Roadmap ($497 Value)
Module #1
  •  Understanding Your Personality, Your Strengths & Your Weaknesses - Avoid the traps, mistakes and pitfalls of landing a career that doesn’t fulfill you. 
  •  The Dream Career Secret Formula- Get crystal clear on what your dream career looks like. 
  •  The Big Picture - Get my guides and worksheets to map out your career, getting clear on how the world perceives you and how you want to come across to the world. I’ll also help you craft a Plan A and Plan B.  
Module #2 The 3 Secrets Nobody Told You About Your Dream Career
These 3 secrets will give you in the mindset to harness your dream and never look back.
  •  Step #1: Fueling The Dream - Every dream career is fueled by an unrelenting source of motivation. Our first step will be to uncover your source.  
  •  Step#2: Your Cause & Drivers - What is your true calling? And what drives you towards that calling? Knowing this will ensure you wake up giddy with excitement every day on your way to work!
  •  Step #3: Justifying The Past - We do what most people avoid doing... explore our biggest failures to extract those valuable lessons that will propel us even further into greatness.
  •   Step #4: Visualizing Your Future - Here we create the future vision of you and envision your contribution to the world. You become your greater cause.
  •   Step #5: Breaking Your 4-Minute Mile - Here we tackle your insurmountable obstacles… and we tackle them!
  •   Step #6: Identifying Your Future Self - Step into your new self!
  •   Your NEW Big Picture - Now that your Dream Career Roadmap is clear, we re-visit your Big Picture and see how far you’ve come!
COURSE 2 - The Perfect Resume & LinkedIn Profile ($697 Value)
Module #1 The Job Search
  •  Your Strengths & Weaknesses - We’ll get clear on your strengths and weaknesses in order to avoid the trap of accidentally showcasing your weakness instead of your strengths.
  •  Making A Career Out Of Your Strengths - Using your strengths and weaknesses to guide your career path, we’ll show you how to target your dream companies.
  •  Outreach Strategies - Did you know the least likely way to get hired is through an online application portal? We’ll teach you how to hack the system.
  •  Forget The Old Ways Of Networking - Understanding your audience. Before we get to overhauling your resume, we need absolute clarity on WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE.
  •  Outreach Email Guide - I walk you through how to find and connect with your future dream employer… without having to go through their online portal!  
Module #2 - You On Paper
  •  The Importance Of Your Resume - The name of the game is persuasion. Let me show you what EVERYONE is getting wrong n their resume.
  •  Telling A Story That Persuades - People LOVE stories. I will show you exactly how to craft the perfect narrative to take your reader through a journey that makes you their ideal candidate.
  •  The Reader’s External Experience - We all make initial judgment calls. Let me show you how to influence their initial experience of you. 
  •  The First 7 Seconds - How to stack information in these first 7 seconds so that you become THE irresistible candidate they’ve been looking for.
  •  The Blurb - This will be your secret weapon to persuade any hiring manager.
  •  The Reader’s Internal Experience - We will trigger emotional responses from the reader that ensure they stay engaged and want YOU as their identified hire.
  •  Your Experience - How to showcase your professional experience without sounding like a bragging post… but rather as the perfect candidate for the job.
  •  Education & The About Me - This is secret weapon #2. Let’s make your resume your MASTERPIECE.
Module #3 - The Truth About LinkedIn
  •  What They Don’t Want You To Know - Did you always think you had to pay for Premium to get your profile noticed? Let me show exactly how to open the floodgates for recruiters and headhunters to find YOU, without having to pay premium or awkwardly email companies.
  •  Optimization Tutorial - We share the secrets to triggering the LinkedIn algorithms.
Module #4 - Resources & Scripts
  •  Are Cover Letters Useless? Or are they a necessary evil? Let me show you how to make sure your cover letter makes them want to hire you on the spot!
  •  Your Personal Cover Letter Guide - I’m sharing with you my TOP 7 highest-converting cover letter scripts for you to just plug-n-play. Plug in your details and make them yours!
  •  Resume Scripts - In a rush? Here I share with you my highest converting resume scripts… these are the true & tested that have gotten women hired at places like Google, Facebook, and many of the Fortune 500.
  •  CNN Video Tutorial - I’ll give you the scripts and in depth tutorial of the resume scripts I developed exclusively in partnership with CNN Money.
  •  Cover Letter Scripts - Simply decide if your audience is cold, warm or hot, plug in your details in your chosen script, and submit.
  •  Email Scripts - To make sure persuasion doesn’t escape any single angle of your job search process, I’m giving you my highest converting email scripts to send potential employers!
  •  LinkedIn Optimization Guide - In case the video tutorial wasn’t enough, I’ve created this step-by-step guide to make sure you open the floodgates for your profile to attract opportunities
COURSE 3 - Mastering Body Language & Becoming An Awareness Ninja ($497 Value)
How to read and use your body language to get WHAT YOU WANT.
Module #1 -  The Power of What’s NOT Being Said
  •  Arms: Your Own Personal Army - Let me teach you how your arms are always inadvertently protecting you… and defending others.
  •  Feet: The Truth-Tellers - How to tell what your counterpart is thinking by simply looking at their feet. 
  •  The Torso: How comfortable are they with you? Do they trust you?
  •  Face & Neck: The Ultimate Sources Of Information- How to understand people before they even start speaking. 
  •  Your Voice- Read their level of security (or insecurity) and react to further YOUR cause. 
  •  Cultural Differences- Not all cultures are equal! BEWARE of nuances.
  •  Becoming An Awareness Ninja - Take our 21 day challenge to become an awareness ninja. 
BONUSES (Priceless)
  •  BONUS #1: The Visual Body Language Guide - Cause some of us need visual cues. 
  •  BONUS #2: 21 Day Body Language Awareness Ninja Journal - Because it’s your turn to MASTER this craft.
  •  BONUS #3: Unlimited access to Olivia and the Salary Coaching Tribe of Women who celebrate and push each other.
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