How To Obliterate Self-Doubt & Negotiate The Salary You Deserve 
...Without Appearing Greedy OR Fearing Rejection!
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"This woman is a game-changer for all other women out there."
- Tony Robbins
"It's easy to forget that resumes don't only get you to an interview, that they have an impact on the company's perspective on your worth as well. That's why it's important to follow the adivce of someone like Jaras when you're crafting your resume.
"The Resume Guru."
At This Workshop You Will Learn How To:
Obliterate The Lack Of Confidence That Keeps
You From Achieving Your 
True Career Potential
Everyone has the opportunity to create an extraordinary life, and achieve happiness along with financial success. 
But too often women get stuck because of self doubt and lack of confidence.
Discover the secret to unleash your true career potential and obliterate self doubt from your career!
Get EXACTLY What You Want By Learning To 
Influence Behavior &
Master The Art Of Persuasion 
Ever wonder how you could increase your ability to influence behavior and get others to do your bidding?
Unlock the secret language of non-verbal communication so you can influence outcomes in your favor.
NEVER Again Settle For Anything Less Than What You Want AND Deserve At The Negotiation Table
Learn the science behind crafting the perfect negotiation strategy. Never again settle for less than everything you want at the negotiation table.
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"These tools lead me to a successful negotiation. Thank you for helping me identify the focus point for my negotiation and giving me the tools to feel confident going into the conversation. These tools lead me to a successful negotiation and will serve me well in many conversations going forward.” 
Petra K.
"I learned how to play the game. What did I gain from this course? Sure I gained confidence, but I learned how to play the game. How to use more persuasive wording, while simplifying and reorganizing so I could have a better impact. The result: I got the promotion and a $20k raise.” 
Anna B.
It's your time to stop settling.
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