Negotiation Preparation and Mentoring

Executive Level

(you currently earn above $150,000 USD per year)


(three week prep and lead on period)

Many of the highest earning executives in every industry have come to the Salary Coaching team to arm themselves for high stakes negotiations. We’ll help you cover all the angles to maximize your advantages and create the opportunities you seek.

Mid-career Level

(you currently earn  between $75,000-$149,999 USD per year)


(two week prep and lead on period)

Olivia and her team have changed the lives of hundreds of women in all industries. Let us figure what you are worth and develop a strategy with you to negotiate for it. Don’t be another statistic in the gender wage gap.

Essential Negotiation Prep and Coaching

(you currently earn between $20,000-$74,999 USD per year)


(one week prep and lead on period)

You’re fairly new to the work-force or have never negotiated a new position/raise? Let Olivia and the team re-engineer the way you are perceived and how you go about getting everything you want out of your job/salary. We cover all the bases: from your resume and cover letter, through your verbal and non-verbal communication, all the way through how to read the other parties involved. Persuasion is an art- we will teach you to master it!


Soon to be College Grad?


(Career Choice Evaluation Call, Review Your Resume, and Cover Letter drafting)

You though going to career services was enough to get you a good resume and cover letter? Think again. Having reviewed thousands of resumes and set thousands of salaries, Olivia will tell you- “Getting to the top of the pile is not about having the right format, but rather about how you are persuading and fascinating the reader.” Let us bring out the best in you and help you start your career on the right track.

Bonus: For a limited time, we will also give you a primer on how based on your unique self should negotiate for what you are worth. We don’t want you to start your career perpetuating the gender wage gap!


Stay at Home Mom Gone Rogue


Re-entering the workforce? Gift yourself this career reinvention package. From helping you figure out what you want, to helping you shape up your career persona and polish up your interviewing skills, we’ll walk through it all with you.


Mid Career Crisis


Re-Engineer your life with three months of coaching. Do you need a career change? Want to give entrepreneurship a chance? We’ll guide you through it all.


Consultation/Custom Project

Do you need help with any other gender wage gap needs? From Africa to Latin America, we’ve helped organizations measure and close their internal gap. Reach out and lets talk about your needs.


For Companies

We will happily come review your current compensation practices as they relate to gender, suggest any changes, and empower the women at your company. This service includes structural analysis of compensation practices, a full report with change suggestions if any, and a live, on-site empowering talk to all the women (and men) in your company.