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Secrets to Quickly Overhauling Your Resume in 2018

In 2018, you can no longer hide behind your resume. Over 90% of employers will visit Google and check your social media profiles before they decide if you are a good fit. 

Essential Hacks to Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

I've put together some of they key insights you need to address in
order to maximize the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.  Today, it's about making YOUR LinkedIn profile the
stuff of legends.

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Ladies and Raises: Why would anyone give you what you are not asking for?

You’ve been in your role for the better part of a decade and you’ve NEVER asked for a raise. You’ve also never received anything but an annual increase that barely keeps you in line with the cost of living. From your perspective (and likely that of outsiders as well…), you are clearly overdue for a review. 

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To be welcoming. To be unafraid. To be a great leader.

For the first time in 29 years, a woman has been chosen as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” This leaves most of us wondering, why such a long wait?


I hate my job, but there’s nothing else out there.

“I’m in a rut. I hate my job. I’m underpaid and I’ve applied to everything that comes up, but I don’t even get to the first round of interviews. I obviously can’t leave… I can’t afford to not have an income. I feel doomed.”

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Picking yourself back up when you didn’t get the job

“I didn’t get the job offer” said Maddie as she broke down at the other end of the line. I could feel her pain. I knew how hard she had worked to make the final round of interviews at a venerable Forbes 500 company. It had been months of agony and preparation. She had interviewed with 20 or so individuals at the company and was almost certain the job would be offered to her.

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You haven’t saved enough for retirement. Now what?

It’s a beautiful day out, you are at your work desk staring out the window, daydreaming about the day you no longer have to schlep in to work at 8am, and work the whole day. There are so many other things you would rather be doing. There are so many other things you should be doing.

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Even Stars Feel the Gender Income Gap

Though I’m not one to often read tabloids, when a friend tagged me this morning on Jennifer Lawrence’s “Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Costars?”, my heart gave a little leap for joy. Finally! An Oscar-winning actress, a woman at “untouchable” levels is speaking about gender gap inequality.