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Just think about how it'd feel to be working in the field you were born to thrive in... Earning at the top of your market. 

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Give her 20 minutes, and Olivia will deconstruct your resume and LinkedIn profile, showing you exactly you how to re-frame and re-engineer your personal brand on paper an online.

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You get:

+ Resume Heist

+ Market Pricing Study

+ 30 Minute Call with Olivia

+ 12 Month Inner Circle Access

+ Exclusive Opt-in: You can opt for your NEW resume to be circulated to our own network of preferred recruiters (additional $347).

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$1500 / month

In HIGH STAKES negotiations, you need an expert behind you.

If you need help negotiating a large raise, or looking to propel your career to the highest levels, this coaching is for you.

+ 5 monthly calls

+ Negotiation or Career Mapping

+ Plan A/Plan B Crafting

+ Verbal and Nonverbal Persuasion Coaching

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Are you feeling uncertain about what the next step in your career should be? Join the waitlist to schedule a coaching session with Olivia.

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Your get 5 one-on-one time with Olivia over a 4 week timeframe to achieve your next career goal. If you need help to strategize a raise, a job offer or need help to find a new job, Olivia is the ace up your sleeve. She will teach you exactly what to ask for, when and how, to get what you want and deserve.

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