VACATION! Who are you kidding?


‘An extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home’

Vacation time is upon us! The kids have broken up for summer and YOU can look forward to chilling out by the pool, looking gorgeous whilst sipping cheap cocktails. Does that sound like your summer? OR does that sound like your daydreams whilst sat staring out the office window with dry eyes from the air conditioning?

OK, honestly you could argue the vacation topic applies to both male and female employees. Can you believe in the US alone almost 662 million vacation days are given up each year? BUT, my dear readers yet again WOMEN actually struggle more to take their full vacation day quota.

It is almost like not taking vacation time is the new norm. How many times have you heard someone say ‘I don’t have time for a vacation this year?’

When you TURN your BACK


You know that expression ‘when you turn your back bad things happen’? Well, believe it or not, that is how WOMEN feel when they dare to step away and take a vacation.

As well as the mountain of work women FEEL they will return to, they actually feel like they may appear less committed to their jobs than MALE colleagues.

YOU have worked HARD to get the position you have dreamt of for so long, why would you RISK stepping away just for a vacation?!


For some WOMEN the only tan they come back with from vacation is a pasty shade of GUILT.

Vacation karma seems to work this way - right? You step away for a second and something happens, you are not there to catch the ball and a male colleague steps in to save the day.


All hail Martin! The man of the moment for rescuing the damsel in distress WHO dared to be on vacation! You can almost see him running around the office with a muscle t-shirt on saying ‘HERO’. You get the idea.

ALSO you can guarantee HE will be reminding you of that GIANT ball he caught for you the minute you step back through the door to. Let’s not forget Martin’s EGO will seem him bragging to the boss too! Sorry boys, sniff in disgust at this all you like, but you know it is true.

I am not here to put you off your VACATION, these are ALL proven reasons (well maybe not Martin) why WOMEN do not take their vacation quota.

GUILT, worry, feeling less committed and still FEELING like we have something MORE to prove are all REAL feelings associated around not taking our vacations.


DEAR BOSS, I NEED A VACATION………(Olivia said so)

Well, ladies, I am here to give you permission to take your vacation. I can hear you all take a sharp intake of breath at this point. There will always be way too many reasons and excuses not to get your cute butt into a bikini, but in the long term taking time off could actually help with your career, your health, and your family life.

Check out my five top tips to why YOU should be BOOKING that vacation today!

  1. Increase productivity!

WHAT? I know ironic - right? Taking a vacation will actually increase your productivity in the long run. You will come back feeling refreshed, motivated and ultimately ready to take on Martin again. (Remember, he was the guy in the muscle t-shirt)

     2. Confidence in your ability. Knowing your WORTH.

Taking your vacation actually shows your boss and colleagues you are confident enough to step away from your job for a few days. You know you kick ass at what you do and a few vacation days are not going to threaten your commitment. Let’s be honest, no one is irreplaceable, BUT when you know your WORTH you can be sure everyone else does too.

      3. Thinking Space.

Maybe you have come to a point where you need some space to re-evaluate where you are in your career. Thinking space is a luxury in the modern world, so use the time to go through where you are at in your life. Is it time for a change? Are you where you want to be? Do you know your WORTH? Taking stock and just thinking is a great way of tapping into intuition.

     4. Family

If you have been working hard, you can guarantee your family would have noticed and just MAYBE they have suffered from your long working hours and late nights! What a great chance to ease some of the family GUILT and enjoy time away with them. I guarantee you will FEEL better about it and THEY will too. Happy family = Happy home! Your family will also be way more understanding about your long working hours too. WIN, WIN!

     5. The control freak

It is actually possible to be judged as the office control freak when you refuse to take your vacation days. More and more companies are encouraging staff to take time off, they realize productivity and motivation improves when their staff takes time for themselves and their families. If you continuously REFUSE to take your vacation time, you might just end up looking like the office CONTROL freak or that you have something to HIDE.


NOT a travel AGENT!

I feel like at this point I should be working on commision for a local travel agent.

BUT not only am I all about WOMEN getting paid what they are WORTH, I want YOU to feel empowered enough to make decisions, even decisions as simple as if YOU should take your VACATION.

Put simply! If you feel confident, happy and you know your WORTH in your position, you will not feel the GUILT associated with being away from the office.

Do you need a hand with knowing your WORTH or with getting your work confidence MOJO back?

Get in touch - There may even be a cocktail by the pool at the end of it: [email protected]



Olivia Jaras