Three scary outcomes of being UNDERPAID and knowing it!


“I’m dressing as an overworked, underpaid, disgruntled employee for the company’s halloween party”

If you have found your mind being flooded with these kinds of (funny but equally worrying) thoughts; don’t worry you are not alone.

Are you sitting down? If not, I suggest you take a load off your pretty little (or large) feet as I share this worrying FACT with you.


The Paycheck Fairness Act hasn’t been updated since 1963!!!!


I know - right?

Yet, did you know 1963 saw the first women (I admit she was Russian?!) blasted into space? 

It’s ironic when you look how far WOMEN have come since 1963 and what we have achieved, YET we are still struggling with not BEING compensated fairly relative to our male counterparts.

But let’s get back to YOU. Is this your work SCENARIO?

You have worked hard to EARN that role in your office, you have sacrificed AMPLE family time to get the job done, often stepping up to work harder than your counterparts. You’ve earned your title, and feel like you DESERVE to be where you are. YEP, you feel PROUD of all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into your career.  

AND THEN IT HAPPENS. While grabbing a cup of terrible office coffee, you overhear a male colleague on the same job level as you bragging about his salary to a Junior. YEP, you heard the magic numbers you did not want to HEAR. He is earning more than you AND now you KNOW it.


Your mind is going crazy! Do you say something? Do you go and PUNCH your male colleague in the face for having such a BIG ego? Do you do nothing? 

Well, unfortunately, most WOMEN in this EXACT situation choose to do NOTHING.

When you choose to do nothing, here is what happens. I am not trying to SCARE tactics on you, I have just seen this scenario play itself time and time again! 

Here are three MOST common consequences of knowing you are UNDERPAID and not doing something about it - It ain’t pretty!

1. You hate going to work AND you cannot hide it from your colleagues.

Not only is this toxic for you, your colleagues will feel the chill in the air too. The more negative energy you emit, the more likely you will receive the same back. Constant complaining, negative comments and walking around the office with a face like a wet fish will start to make management and colleagues question YOU and your professionalism.

What the Pros call it: Magnifying the Negative

How to combat it NOW:

Force yourself to list three good things about your job, followed by three of your strengths. Think of someone who really got the short end of the stick when it comes to jobs… the kind of job that makes you be THANKFUL for your luck. 
Then, take a deep breath and review your job description while building a list of RATIONAL arguments: WHY you deserve to be paid the same as your MALE colleague. This frame of mind will encourage positive thoughts and give you ammunition when the time comes to approach management. Keep your arguments RATIONAL, not emotional ( ...feeling too emotional about it? need help with examples? [email protected]).

2. You become less efficient, jeopardizing potential job openings and your career prospects.

Remember the saying you ‘visualize to materialize’? Well, rest assured the more you HATE your job, the less enthusiastic and efficient you will be. Your mind convinces you, you are being paid less due to your poor performance. You lose your MOJO. Your output drops and your colleagues and management notice. If you mentally check OUT and make the decision to leave ASAP… yet who is going to want to give you a reference based on your less than efficient performance of late?

What the Pros call it: Emotional/Career Funk

How to combat it Now:

Get some distance from your feelings and recognize them for what they are - just feelings. YOU know you can do the JOB, you KNOW your WORTH. Repeat these positive affirmations every day - in the mirror if you have too. Say it out loud and say it with conviction. Separating yourself from the emotional side of your brain helps you make clear and sound decisions.

3. Your self-worth takes a NOSE-dive.

This is the ‘what did I do?’ scenario. All of a sudden you are taking responsibility for your (MALE?) colleague being paid more than you. 

What the Pros call it: Personalizing

How to combat it Now:

Hey - Take a step back and cultivate some perspective. YOU are being underpaid for no other reason than you have fallen in the same trap millions of WOMEN all over the world have fallen into. This is not personal- you have socially been conditioned to FAIL.  Yet YOU have the TOOLS to crawl out of this (Don’t know what tools I’m talking about? …[email protected]). 
Yet EVERYTHING you need to make your career LEGENDARY lies within you… Now if that doesn’t light the fire in your BELLY to change your circumstances, well then I will eat my salary coaching for women’s baseball cap!


Need help? Reach out!

Don’t fall into the trap. Don’t be the victim, be the WARRIOR.

Sure, it hurts when you find out you are being UNDERPAID, but YOU have the tools to change your circumstances.

If you find yourself on the slippery slope of one of the three, reach out, get in touch and let us HELP you ([email protected]).

Or schedule your One-on-One Strategy Session to craft the perfect negotiation strategy HERE.

Olivia Jaras