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I GOT THE JOB AT GOOGLE! There’s no way this would of happened without your help. I owe you my career! THANK YOU!!!
— Dream Job Girl

Soon To Be / Newly Minted Grad?

New or soon to be new to the workforce? Our coaches can help you get started on the right footing.

Negotiate Like a Pro:

What are you really worth in today’s market? We’ve got the market data, and the experts to teach you how to negotiate for it.

Encore Career:

Time to reinvent your career? Whether you are done with being a stay at home mom, or you are worried with the looming prospect of poverty in your retirement, let us help you re-engineer your future. We’ve walked this path with many women, let us now go the distance with you.


Want the tools to negotiate your own salary? Order the award winning, international best-seller Know Your Worth, Get Your Worth: Salary Negotiation for Women.

Companies don’t set your salary by simply googling what you should earn- Neither should you! Let this bestselling author teach you the insider way of figuring out your true worth in today’s market, and teach you the tools to negotiate for it like an expert.

Holy cow. I have an MBA from one of the most prestigious universities in the country, which would lead you to believe I should have learned a thing or two about negotiating. I’m still baffled by how little I knew. I will never enter high risk negotiations again without Olivia’s help… there’s an entire world of preparations that I wasn’t even aware of!
— Top MBA Girl

Why did I start Salary Coaching for Women?

While spending the better part of a decade working for multiple companies on all things compensation, I noticed that whenever I recommended a salary range to a hiring manager, if the identified hire was a female, she would inevitably be hired towards the lower end of my recommended range. Men would hover around the midpoint. A little more research made it apparent that these women either didn’t know their worth, or even if they did, they didn’t know how to negotiate for it. 

Having an insider HR perspective, I also knew that companies rarely set your salary by simply going to a free site and googling what you should earn.  From paid salary surveys, to market reports and internal equity, those hiring you ALWAYS have the informational advantage. 

That’s how I found myself at 31, quitting my job to pursue my new found dream: To close the gender wage gap and turn the tables around by providing women the same tools used by the experts. And that’s how Salary Coaching for Women took off. 

Fast-forward to today and our team is comprised of experts in all realms: compensation, negotiation, neuro-linguistic programming and strategic communication (ie: what our verbal and non-verbal expressions are telling the world… and how these cues are being interpreted). We have helped thousands of women all over the world. We are well on our way to closing the gender wage gap by helping one woman at a time.

Olivia Jaras is a mother of two and wife of one. A highly successful entrepreneur, Olivia is also an award-winning, international best-selling author, and in her spare time, a long distance triathlete on Team USA.

Thank you for helping me identify the focus point for my negotiation and giving me the tools to feel confident going into the conversation. These tools lead me to a successful negotiation and will serve me well in many conversations going forward.
— Anna B
Know Your Worth, Get Your Worth was a real eye-opener, and inspired me to do some market research and revamp my resume. Olivia’s assessment and recommendations for improvements were dead-on and got results.
— Susan
Salary Coaching for Women... Oh, Yeah. Not only do you get reliable salary data, they can coach you on how to ask for a raise. The greatest return on your investment, however, is empowerment! I decided to ask for a raise after over a decade of excellent performance evaluations, increasing responsibilities, and a lack of corresponding raises. Time to take to the wheel. I started researching salaries online, but my job didn’t fit neatly into the categories/descriptions given and I didn’t feel confident using what I found. I wanted to go into the meeting with my boss feeling that my numbers couldn’t be questioned because of unreliable data. Thankfully, I found Olivia and the solution I needed: hard data... relevant to my job... from Certified Compensation Professional! We discussed my position, reviewed my resume, then she provided salary data for my job. I can go forward with confidence. Salary Coaching is an invaluable resource! The information you provided is going to change my life!!! Thank you, Olivia.
— Denise E.

*All testimonial names have been modified to protect the client’s privacy. As we suggest to all our clients, keep us a secret from your employer, this will ensure optimum results.